Dreamforce 2018: Worthwhile sessions for RFP responders to see

Excuse me…how is it Dreamforce 2018 already? That’s exactly what we said here at RFPIO. We’re heading out to San Francisco in a matter of weeks. It’s our second time having a booth (Booth 1806…come say hi) and our first time sponsoring a Dreamforce party.

Needless to say, life is crazy for the RFPIO team as we gear up for one of the biggest events in Dreamforce history. That didn’t stop us from taking some time for our fellow RFP responders who are also attending #DF18.

Every year we have a tradition of sharing a suggested itinerary to help you navigate the chaos of Dreamforce. Why? Because there are about 3,000 sessions to choose from, and that can be a tad overwhelming when you have 10 RFPs on your plate.

Yes, there are plenty of resources that outline can’t-miss Dreamforce sessions. Around here, we do things a little differently—and select sessions that make sense for RFP responders. We know you’re busy closing big deals with your brilliant RFP responses, so we did the session grunt work for you. Here are the #DF18 sessions you should check out.

#DF18 sessions for RFP responders to check out

But…before you map out your #DF18 sessions, it’s a good idea to pause and see where your time will be spent best while you’re at the conference. Remember, there are literally thousands of sessions to choose from. And, you want to maximize learning opportunities.

For modern organizations to succeed, it takes quite a combo:

  • Growth
  • Alignment
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency

First, take the pulse on your organization to identify where the imbalances are. Next, do the same for yourself to find out where you need more education and/or inspiration. Now, fellow RFP responder, you’re ready to select Dreamforce sessions that will help you achieve those goals. Good luck…


How to Increase Revenue Efficiency & Unlock Sales Growth

Sales leaders and executives spend thousands of dollars on tech to improve data and sales productivity, yet they get little ROI. Discover the steps leaders must take to get salespeople to adopt new technology and get better data in and out of the CRM.

Sell More with Lead and Opportunity Management

Learn how to best manage Leads and Opportunities. Uncover ways to optimize leads and opportunities to improve sales reporting, and take back tips to ensure you are leveraging online resources and developing the right strategies for continued success.

The Rise of Revenue Ops: How Sales, Marketing and Business Ops Drive Growth

Sales, marketing and business ops are coalescing to form the rise of revenue ops. Learn from industry-leading professionals on how they built and executed go-to-market strategies to accelerate revenue growth.


Taking an Industry: Driving Growth Through Sales And Marketing Alignment

Success comes when you’ve set up the right alignment with your sales and marketing team. Learn new and innovative elements, from processes to tools, to enable your sales team and align your outbound marketing activity to drive impactful growth within your industry.

Full-Funnel ABM: Aligning Across Your Tech Stack

ABM, marketing automation, and CRM are the core pillars of an effective B2B marketing plan. When the three pieces are seamlessly integrated, their value surpasses their individual ROI. Learn how Demandbase, Pardot, and Salesforce help customers create wildly successful ABM strategies.

Aligning Customer Success and Service to Drive Company Growth

Building customer loyalty requires more than just great service—it also requires a great customer success program. Hear about best practices to better align your success and service teams.


Security in the Cloud: Securing Your Customer Data

Have you wondered what it takes to secure your data in the Cloud, especially your critical customer data? Find out how to secure your Org and improve your security posture.

Earn Loyalty with Customer Data Privacy

In a post-GDPR age, where customers worldwide are evaluating data use and consent, customer loyalty will shift to those who best manage and protect their data. Learn how a rich consent experience fosters brand loyalty for the long haul, all while opening up new opportunities for deep personalization.

Financial Services on the World’s Most Trusted Enterprise Cloud

Join Salesforce technology and financial industry compliance experts to learn how Salesforce’s trusted platform empowers your compliance programs and how you can excel with our best practices.

GDPR: How Large Enterprise Customers Accelerate their Compliance

GDPR is here to stay. Industry leaders will show you how to accelerate time to compliance by automating critical GDPR requirements, including the Right to be forgotten, the Right to portability, or the Personal Data life cycle.


Adding Productivity and Efficiency to Your Sales Process

With constant pressure to grow and beat last year’s numbers, there are always more efficiencies to tackle and advantages to gain. Learn exactly how high-growth companies achieve outsized results by evolving their sales processes.

Rethink Work: How Google Cloud and Salesforce CRM are Transforming Productivity

Google Cloud and Salesforce have partnered to help surface data for increased work productivity. Spend less time entering data and more time building meaningful relationships with their end-customers.

Supercharge Productivity with Lightning Console Apps

Users often complain they can never see everything they need on one screen and that getting their job done often requires too many clicks. Learn all the tips and tricks for boosting productivity with Lightning Console.

3 Tips to Fuel Sales Productivity and Boost Win Rates

In today’s selling environment, lean sales teams have to move quickly and efficiently. Learn how you can gain back hours of productivity by streamlining the repetitive tasks you and your reps do every day.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

State of Sales: AI & Humans – The Best of Both Worlds

AI is freeing reps to focus where they’re needed: on the activities where a human touch is required. Cut through the noise and get a better understanding of how AI is being applied to sales challenges at the rep and manager levels.

The Value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Sales

Sales Cloud customers are taking their sales organizations to new heights with artificial intelligence (AI). Learn how leading companies are eliminating data entry and increasing win rates.

How Leading Brands are Elevating Innovation through Artificial Intelligence

Learn how leading global brands are unlocking ways to get closer to their consumers and improve speed-to-market through connected innovation by leveraging AI.

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: 3 Ways to Accelerate Growth

Join us as we demystify AI. We’ll share tactical strategies for introducing intelligence across your business to drive efficiency, and you’ll walk away with actionable ways to turn your company into a growth powerhouse.

Wealth: Using Artificial Intelligence to Grow Client Relationships

Only a handful of advisors are actively transforming client relationships into a wealth of new opportunities. Discover how AI can help you know your clients’ relationship networks as well as you know their money.


Industry Leaders Invest in Collaboration to Enhance the Employee Experience

Executives are focusing on empowering their workforces to become more productive and connected. Learn what industry leading companies think about the intersection of software, culture, and employee empowerment.

#workdifferently: Visualize Your Thinking for Better Collaboration and Learning

One of the most common occurrences in business is when good conversations, ideas or decisions are expressed verbally, but not captured. We’ll discuss how to apply visual thinking to synthesize, record, sketch, diagram, and develop collective understanding across a group.

Culture Matters: How Caterpillar is Boosting Collaboration, Speed, and Alignment

Digital transformation isn’t just about technology. Companies should also rethink cultural norms, work environments, and behaviors. Learn how to build a digital culture, and how you can realign your company’s culture to achieve digital success faster.


Automate from Intake to Survey: Platform Tools to Up Your Program’s Efficiency

Learn about Salesforce automation tools and how to simplify your complex business processes. Listen to how automation processes have aided organizations in improving programs, enhancing data quality, and saving staff time that can instead be spent where it matters most.

Learn How Leading Financial Institutions Optimize Field Sales Efficiency

Hear from three leading financial services institutions that are improving banker/producer efficiencies to drive revenue and create better customer experiences. Uncover how these companies are effectively managing complex territories and ensuring max facetime with clients.

5 Big Plays to Transform Your Documents and Contracts on Salesforce

Every day organizations manage dozens of documents including contracts, sales proposals, and customer communications. Discover 5 Big Plays to transform your document and contract management processes.

#WinMorePlayMore at Dreamforce 2018

What would you do if you had more time in your day? That’s exactly what we asked our clients and many others in a recent survey. RFP responders work hard, after hours and weekends to complete RFPs before the deadline. Obviously, this is not fun for anyone.

We all know how important it is to respond to RFPs, because that team effort can mean landing the next big deal. Now that RFP software like RFPIO is here to empower teams, people have more time to focus on other priorities but also improve work-life balance. That’s where #WinMorePlayMore comes in.

“I’m truly enjoying the fact that I’m not working late every night. This week I finished a huge RFP response 3 days early, giving me time for my husband and I to take our paddle boards out!” – Mona Sampson, RFP Specialist, Writer, and Coordinator

Whether you prefer the great outdoors like half of our survey responders, or would rather spend time with your family like another 22%, having more hours in your day is a good thing. RFP software can help you reclaim time, so you can make bigger strides personally and professionally.

Want to win more, play more? We’re happy to show you how with an onsite demo at Booth 1806 at #DF18. Schedule your demo and we’ll give you an outdoor bluetooth speaker to use when you’re enjoying more free time…and less RFP response time.

P.S. We made you a Spotify playlist of tracks with positive vibes to help you get charged up for this year’s Dreamforce. You can find it here as well.

Maria Osornio

As RFPIO’s Sales Operations Specialist, Maria Osornio builds awareness to educate proposal professionals about the value of a streamlined RFP response process—along with best practices that will ensure long-term success. Both a data-driven marketing professional and highly skilled Salesforce user, Maria brings a wealth of experience in planning, implementing, and monitoring online marketing campaigns in multiple SEM platforms to help growing businesses. Connect with Maria on LinkedIn.

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