How proposal software gives small businesses a competitive edge

If you are looking for a concrete way to grow your small business, it’s time to take a look at proposal software. Why invest in RFP response automation? Because RFPs are mission-critical revenue generators for companies who prioritize them and optimize their response process.

Compared to enterprise organizations, smaller teams have several advantages when responding to RFPs.

  • Your team is closer to the proposal content, so you really understand what the ask is.
  • With fewer cooks in the kitchen, you have a more consistent voice.
  • Collaboration is close, and you are in tune with what each team member brings to the table.

Without technology supporting your proposals, though, revenue growth is harder to achieve. You need quick access to content, simple ways to collaborate, and an easier time keeping proposal projects on track.

Sounds like you’re ready to build a better RFP response process to save valuable time and increase revenue. Keep reading to find out how proposal software gives small businesses like yours a competitive edge.

Request for proposal software tips for small businesses

As a small business, you may have never used a proposal management tool. It may seem like a lot to learn, but to grow, you have to be willing to evolve your business. Don’t fear change…embrace it and encourage your team to evolve too.

We hear common questions from proposal management teams at small businesses every day. Below we’ve answered these questions to help you feel more at ease with RFP software implementation and learn a few ways to improve your RFP response process.

What should my proposal management team look like?

Chances are, you have two or three core RFP responders and a handful of subject matter experts or consultants. You probably don’t have a proposal manager per se, but rather someone in sales or marketing acting as the project manager. Even a small group needs efficient collaboration and proposal management software makes communication quicker for everyone.

How does proposal management software support my process?

Proposal management software supports your RFP response process, making it easier to manage your RFP project and review everything in one place. Hindsight is 20/20 after all. You can see every piece of the puzzle with dashboards and analytics, then uncover ways to improve your process moving forward. Here is a 6-step RFP response process to help you out…

RFP Response Process Steps

How does proposal software provide efficient collaboration?

Since fewer people are involved in the response process at smaller organizations, each person’s time is extremely valuable. Proposal software gives you the ability to share information across various platforms. Content and assignments are seamlessly integrated into one platform, without the need for cumbersome reformatting, converting, and importing/exporting tasks.

How do I get started with proposal software?

Hayli Hay, Director of Client Services at Metal Toad, recommends that proposal management teams plan for RFP software implementation, just as you would with any new technology you bring into your business. Do the prep work and housekeeping before jumping in. Then, teach everyone how to use the proposal software by managing each proposal like a project.

Is proposal management software really worth it?

In this 2019 RFPIO Responder Survey, we asked our customers how long it took them to process an RFP before and after using our proposal management software. Before using RFPIO, nearly half (49%) said several weeks. After implementing RFPIO, this number dropped to 14%. And 65% said their responses now take a single week or less. The time saved alone is a huge boost to your bottom line.

We know what’s important to you—your time and your money. Using proposal management software saves you both. Schedule a demo of RFPIO to start growing your business.

Tyler Kamerer

Tyler is an Account Executive at RFPIO. Over the past decade, he has worked with small businesses, as well as startups within the construction and real estate industries. Now Tyler enjoys helping response management teams solve problems and improve collaboration. Connect with Tyler on LinkedIn.

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