8 RFP response resources that will inspire your efforts

Wait…where are all of the RFP response resources? Professionals in other industries are drowning in content—and surviving with arm floaties. But we RFP responders are still looking for the pool.

When you search for “sales tips,” the world is your oyster…

help with sales
When you search for “RFP response tips,” you get this…

help with rfps
Since our team knows just how challenging it can be to find useful tips in our industry, last quarter we created a resource round-up to help fellow RFP responders improve their RFP response game. It ended up being one of our most popular posts of the year, which confirms what we’ve known all along…RFP response resources are hard to come by.

We know how hungry you are for resources, so once again we hunted down the best of the best for RFP responders. Here are our Q2 picks for RFP response resources that will inspire your efforts.

8 RFP Response Resources to Inspire You

Quality Proposals = More Wins
By Visible Thread
RFP Takeaway: The quality of your proposal will be the deciding factor for winning.

“A professional proposal tells decision makers that they are important and you spent time improving your submission (and the solution). It speaks to the quality of support your organization will provide.”


eBook: Your Complete Guide to Winning RFPs
By Primary Intelligence
RFP Takeaway: Writing a successful response will give you a competitive edge.

“You need to have a well-written response to a Request for Proposal that convinces the decision makers to pick your product instead of the competition.”


Getting to Gold: The Importance of an Effective Review Process for a Winning Proposal
By AOC Key Solutions
RFP Takeaway: An effective RFP review process is key for improved workflow and quality.

“The proposal should be not only instructionally and technically compliant, but also compelling in its sales message and its response to the evaluation factors.”


Price Negotiations: How to Respond When a Competing Vendor Underbids You
By Closeio
RFP Takeaway: Be a savvy negotiator to set yourself apart and win more sales.

“When a prospect appears to be fixated on price, it’s up to you to steer the conversation towards what really matters, and that’s value.”


What Do You Mean When You Say “Review” a Proposal?
By PropLibrary
RFP Takeaway: Checking everything in the review process means focusing on win factors.

“There should be nothing in your proposal that is not important for winning. Quality half-measures is not a winning strategy. A partial review is not better than nothing if it misses something that results in a loss.”


The Third Revenue Ops Pillar: Technology & Project Management
By Radius
RFP Takeway: Technology planning and project management enables the overall business strategy.

“97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success.”


How To Solve 5 RFP Challenges [Infographic]
By Mimeo
RFP Takeaway: These common RFP challenges an be alleviated with the right RFP software.

“43% of organizations lack a documented and repeatable strategy for RFPs. 37% of proposal professionals indicated that errors are common.”


5 Pros Reveal Their Time-Savings Tips for RFP Response
By RFPIO (yes…we had to throw one of our own in!)
RFP Takeaway: RFPIO’s clients share their RFP wisdom on how they’re saving time.

“It’s all about organization and making sure each team member knows what’s expected of them—and when. Clear expectations lead to success!”


As the Co-Founder and Content Strategist at Superneat Marketing, Britt strives to inspire RFP responders with content and resources that support their cause.

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