10 resources to level up your RFP response game

No matter your industry or role, we are a self-educated bunch in the business world. Thanks to the rise in digital content over the past decade, we can hunt down a multitude of resources in seconds, find answers to the most random questions, and research anything we want before we decide to buy.

But, for those of us in RFP response…well…things are different.

Unlike most spaces that are noisy and plentiful with phenomenal content, the RFP industry is still very new. And, finding useful tips about responding to RFPs is even harder, because a lot of what is out there is on the issuing side (i.e. How to Write the Best Proposal Ever in 5 Steps).

The irony is that RFP response is complex, and if anybody needs a helping hand, it’s RFP responders. The majority of companies are still wrestling with a manual process. Project managers are doing their best to gather input from SMEs and sales teams are spending precious hours answering repetitive questions when they should be focusing on selling.

All of this is a fine orchestration that can mean the difference between winning and losing business. No pressure, right?

Know that you’re not alone. There are, in fact, resources that can help your team overcome these challenges with RFP response. And, there are a couple of great RFP events coming up, where proposal managers can unite, network, and share tried-and-true tips from the RFP response trenches.

Without further ado, here are some of our picks for winning RFP resources and events to help you take your RFP response prowess to the next level.

rfp content

8 great RFP response blogs that are worth a read


What Does the Client Want to Know
By Civil+Structural Engineer
RFP Takeaway: Show that you understand the company’s challenges.


10 Ways A Positive Attitude Can Help Proposal Managers
By AOC Key Solutions
RFP Takeaway: Stay positive to keep your team motivated.


How to Write and Respond to RFPs: Some Best-Practices
By MarketingProfs
RFP Takeaway: Be clear, concise, and on time to beat your competition.


The 10 Things You Need to Know When Responding to RFPs
By Entrepreneur
RFP Takeaway: The better prepared you are, the easier RFPs will be.


The Cut-and-Paste Conundrum: Why Responding to RFPs on Autopilot is a Mug’s Game
By McKenzie Pitch
RFP Takeaway: You won’t win RFPs if you respond on autopilot.


Is It Worth Responding to RFPs?
By Quickbooks
RFP Takeaway: Pros and cons to help you decide if an RFP is worth the effort. (We think it is!)


6 Seemingly Harmless Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Proposals
By Hubspot
RFP Takeaway: Treat your RFPs like the strategic tools they’re meant to be.


RFPs & Proposals: Much More Than a Necessary Evil
By Sales Initiative
RFP Takeaway: Streamlining RFP processes is the key to success.

rfp events

2 Exciting RFP Events That Are Worth Your Time


The RFP and Client Servicing Boot Camp – West
San Francisco
By Financial Research Association

This event is all about best practices for winning and retaining clients, including tailoring RFP responses to stand out from the competition. An RFP Bootcamp – East will happen in Boston in June.


Bid & Proposal Con
New Orleans

This event is the world’s largest of its kind for proposal pros. Proven strategies and best practices will help you manage RFPs more efficiently so you can win new business. You’ll find the RFPIO team in New Orleans this year, so we hope to see you there!


As the Co-Founder and Content Strategist at Superneat Marketing, Britt strives to inspire RFP responders with content and resources that support their cause.

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