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How RFP Software Added Value to Advance a Sales Team

How RFP Software Added Value to Advance a Sales Team
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DTI was responding to a significant amount of RFPs and RFIs, and the documented response procedure Jonathan Gudger had in place still required 20-30 hours per RFP. Although adopting SharePoint was a step in the right direction, the DTI team didn’t utilize the tool because it wasn’t user-friendly.

Lacking a centralized ability to collaborate at the transactional level, Jonathan continued the search for a solution. Ultimately, relying less on spreadsheets and focusing more on a quality RFP response would enable their sales team to improve their win rate.

Jonathan’s team sought to improve their RFP process in 3 ways:

  1. Find the right tool to complement their existing documented procedure and depend less on email and spreadsheets.
  2. Centralize and standardize RFPs as they arrived, then track progress in real-time to project completion.
  3. Add value to his team with a tool that was easy to use and promoted easy collaboration at the transactional level.

These 3 factors contributed to Jonathan’s newfound success with RFP response:

  1. Automating completed 75% of the questions at the start of the project.
  2. Improving consistency brought high-quality deliverables to every deal.
  3. Cutting response time in half for more than 40 users elevated the company.

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“An answer library was something we have tried to get our hands on for a long time with other solutions. Nothing came close to being as streamlined and purpose-built as RFPIO. Within the first two weeks, we were able to show upper management 1,000 questions and answers already populated in the tool. It was a huge selling point!”

– Jonathan Gudger, DTI


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