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How an RFP Solution Greatly Improved Team Collaboration

How an RFP Solution Greatly Improved Team Collaboration
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When Senior Sales Engineer Joe Aakre started to see an increase in RFPs, he realized he needed to figure out a sustainable solution to improve team collaboration. Though Joe chose a platform to help him manage the RFP process more efficiently, he soon discovered he could use the tool for sales enablement as well.

Working After Hours to Complete RFPs Turns into a Routine

Joe was going through the same collaboration challenges with the manual RFP response process as most proposal managers. Spreadsheets and documents were time-consuming and repetitive, and precious time was spent on meetings to answer RFP questions as a group.

To manage the entire RFP response process, from the inter-departmental collaboration to formatting the responses into a cohesive and professional document, Joe often worked after hours just to see the RFP through to completion.

Submitting the RFP Two Days Ahead of Schedule Becomes Possible

Within the first week of using RFPIO, Joe was stunned by the smooth collaborative process. Seamless exporting back into the original document occurred within seconds, a task that used to take him hours. Because of this unexpected time savings, Joe was able to submit the RFP two days ahead of schedule.

Another perk was how the answer library helped fix sales inefficiencies. Since many of the questions being asked in RFPs are identical in the sales cycle, Joe was able to arm his sales team with quick access to valuable information that expedited the sales process.

80% of an RFP is Done From the Get-Go, Allowing for More Opportunities

By making the choice to use RFP software, Joe alleviated his concerns about the inefficient response process. Though he understands that RFPs will always be work, RFPIO helps him complete 80% of every RFP from the start—and the easy team collaboration takes care of the rest.

An RFP software investment is a justified cost when organizations truly understand the time and opportunity costs they pay tenfold with a manual RFP process. And, the ability to maximize a solution further with a sales knowledge base can make an even greater impact on revenue growth.

If the RFP response process is an opportunity for improvement, we hope Joe’s experience will encourage you to find an RFP management tool that works for you.

“I can’t remember when I’ve been able to focus completely on the management of the RFP process without having to think about the formatting of the final product. It functioned flawlessly. I was able to get the RFP out early and was thrilled with the export.”

– Joe Aakre, Senior Sales Engineer

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