RFPIO talks growth with Beaverton mayor

The RFPIO team has called Beaverton home from the beginning. But our relationship with the city has grown even stronger since our most recent move to the Beaverton Building, where we’ve had a chance to connect more closely with local leadership.

Recently, Beaverton Mayor and RFPIO advocate Denny Doyle stopped by to see how things are going with the company and congratulate us personally on our latest round of funding.

We sat down with the mayor to discuss his current initiatives to promote diversity in the Beaverton community, the city’s burgeoning population and business opportunities, and the infrastructure he’s promoting to support and power that growth.

James Doyle and Mayor Denny Doyle

RFPIO’s James Doyle and Mayor Denny Doyle

Prioritizing diversity

Since his election in 2009, Doyle has prioritized making Beaverton a more diverse city and accommodating citizens of all backgrounds to contribute to the community’s growth. One of the ways he’s pushed this initiative is by putting together an official Diversity Advisory Board.

Through the hard work and oversight on the advisory board, they are now publishing local forms in nine different languages including Spanish and Farsi, which has gained attention from officials across the country.

The reason for this push for diversity? Because the people are Beaverton’s best quality, according to Doyle. “It’s a world community here,” he said. We want to encourage people of all backgrounds to join the boards and commissions, and make their businesses grow.”

Fun Team Photo RFPIO

We have fun

Booming business growth

RFPIO is not the only one in Beaverton growing exponentially. Since Doyle moved to the suburban community in the 1980s, he said the population has more than tripled. He looks at this as a huge opportunity to prioritize business and construction projects to ensure economic strength and vitality.

Doyle said they are trying to create an “18 hour downtown,” to keep and attract young people to the community. Part of this initiative is the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts and a boutique hotel that’s currently under construction.

“That’ll be the first new thing built in this region in 35 years,” he said. “It’s been a lot of fun getting to this point.”

Josie and Mayor Doyle

Discussing Beaverton’s potential

Keeping up the momentum

To support the business community, Doyle has gathered a development team to scout locations and encourage new business owners to stay in the area. His background in the technology industry, before he was elected to office, has given him perspective on how to make Beaverton’s unique business community thrive.

So how can RFPIO help contribute to Beaverton’s momentum? Mayor Doyle says to “just keep hiring people! We’re all about growth and we’re trying to adapt to the workplace desires and needs of this generation,” he said. “You can help us do that.”

Josie Fey

As the Communications Manager for RFPIO, Josie Fey aims to illustrate the value of RFP response technology through storytelling. Josie’s unique blend of experience as a B2B marketer and freelance writer inspire her to make software communications more approachable and entertaining. She has an MS in Journalism from the University of Oregon. Connect with Josie on LinkedIn.

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