5 pros reveal their time-savings tips for RFP response

Time is a commodity, a precious commodity when you’re an RFP responder. Every day we’re doing what we can to help our organizations reach their growth objectives by meeting tight deadlines with the highest quality responses we can dish out.

We know exactly how challenging it can be to lead the RFP process, but we also know there are countless ways to overcome those same challenges. But rather than us sharing our usual tips and tricks to enable your team’s success, we decided to bring in the pros who know RFP response best…five of our amazing clients.

These sales professionals in the field are just like you—RFP responders doing fantastic work. We asked them to share one epic RFP response tip, so we can all learn from each other and work more efficiently together.

Without further ado, here they are with five tips to help you save more time with your RFP response efforts.

Brad Bieber

Brad Bieber

Sales Operations Manager at EMS Software
Follow @EMS_Software

“Always be mindful of customers introducing contract terms and conditions into the RFP that they think may govern the actual purchase as well. Be prepared, with a comment that suggests: We are open to negotiating a good faith contract, but we will need to contract under our own paper and include required terms where possible.”

Abhinay Gajula

Abhinay Gajula

Sr. Executive – Business Development/Business Analyst at ProcessMAP
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“With the stringent timelines to respond to RFXs, we are always racing against time. It’s important to thoroughly review the content and note the selection criteria, which is a key driving factor for writing a winning response. A best practice is to include an RFX compliance matrix and respond to each and every selection criteria. Craft the entire RFP response by paying careful attention and emphasizing the value of choosing you.”

Amy Cook

Amy Cook

Sales Operations Analyst at Evisions
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“It’s all about organization and making sure each team member knows what’s expected of them—and when. Clear expectations lead to success!”


Jim Tapscott

Jim Tapscott

Director of Inside Sales at Continuity Logic
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Follow @ContinuityLogic

“Make sure you spend time—preferably in person—with each person that participates in your RFP response workflow. You will be pleasantly surprised by the details you can get over a cup of coffee, versus a conference call. It certainly helps me highlight areas in our workflow to target for improvement.”

Lihod Rachmilevitch

Lihod Rachmilevitch

PreSales Manager at OwnBackup
Follow @Lihodr
Follow @OwnBackup

“Our technical sales team leverages RFPIO to manage all of our RFPs and InfoSec questionnaires. RFPIO has already shown so much value in a short amount of time, as it definitely helps to have workflow trails available for internal auditing and progress tracking. The best thing you can do for your RFP process is spend time optimizing your Content Library. Creating a centralized place to store all of your organization’s questions and answers will make the knowledge much easier to share internally while saving your team time.”

 Special thanks to our awesome clients (Brad, Abhinay, Amy, Jim, and Lihod) for sharing their RFP wisdom with us all today!

Have a go-to RFP response tip you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below. 

Andrew Stone

As the Senior Channel and Alliances Manager at RFPIO, Andrew Stone is committed to helping RFPIO partners achieve their goals. Previously, Andrew worked with several marketing agencies to provide marketing strategy focused on elevating brand value, from non-profits to Fortune 500 Companies. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

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