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Spark Your Action Plan with RFPIO’s Top RFP Blogs of 2017

Spark Your Action Plan with RFPIO’s Top RFP Blogs of 2017
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The end of the year is always a great time for reflection. It’s all too easy to go, go, go as an RFP responder. So today we invite you to pause with us and take a moment out of your busy schedule to appreciate the many successes and learnings you’ve had this year.

Being in proposal management isn’t easy, but thankfully technology is helping the industry evolve. Five years ago, software wasn’t a part of the scene. Now RFP software is empowering organizations to practice a better approach to RFP response.

While there are still many RFP responders using a manual process with piles of spreadsheets, documents, and folders, it’s been wonderful seeing more and more proposal professionals adopting RFP software this year.

The RFPIO team felt privileged to partner with organizations making this switch, to see faces light up across departments as they embraced a more efficient, stress-free process that helps them do their best work. To our clients and partners across the world, we are thankful to be a part of your success. To those we haven’t met yet, we hope to be a part of yours one day.

In the spirit of reflection, the RFPIO team gathered our most beloved blogs of 2017. Maybe you missed one or two resources throughout the year, or maybe you’re new to our blog. We lined up our top 7 blogs, so you can spark your 2018 RFP response action plan.

executive summary

How to Write a Winning Executive Summary for RFP Responses

What do you think the most important part of your RFP response is? Right off the bat, you might think it’s the technical sections or competitor differentiators. What if we told you it was actually your executive summary?

Whether you’ve been around RFP response for a while—or you’re just taking the proposal reins at your organization—this is a rundown on what you need to know about executive summaries to win more opportunities.

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strange rfp questions

12 of the Most Bizarre RFP Questions for Responders

You’ve probably seen thousands of questions as an RFP responder. Most of them are “the usual” and you respond without hesitation. But every now and then, something comes along that makes you question the sanity of both you and your prospect.

Because we were curious about the bizarre questions other RFP responders have seen out in the world, we ran a survey for a few months. What follows are some of the strangest questions from survey participants, along with a few tips on what to do when the next RFP bafflement ensues.

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rfp response save time

5 Pros Reveal Their Time-Savings Tips for RFP Response

We know exactly how challenging it can be to lead the RFP process, but we also know there are countless ways to overcome those same challenges. But rather than us sharing our usual tips and tricks to enable your team’s success, we decided to bring in the pros who know RFP response best…five of our amazing clients.

These sales professionals in the field are just like you—RFP responders doing fantastic work. We asked them to share one epic RFP response tip, so we can all learn from each other and work more efficiently together.

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rfp resources

10 Resources To Level Up Your RFP Response Game

Unlike most spaces that are noisy and plentiful with phenomenal content, the RFP industry is still very new. And, finding useful tips about responding to RFPs is even harder, because a lot of what is out there is on the issuing side (i.e. How to Write the Best Proposal Ever in 5 Steps).

The irony is that RFP response is complex, and if anybody needs a helping hand, it’s RFP responders. There are, in fact, resources that can help your team overcome these challenges with RFP response. Here are some of our picks for winning RFP resources to help you take your RFP response prowess to the next level.

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how to improve rfp process

How to Improve Your RFP Response Process in 5 Simple Steps

Every day we hear stories from proposal professionals in the field who are working diligently to find ways to improve their RFP response process. How can our team save time? How can we close more deals? How can we collaborate consistently?

Maybe you’re working with RFP software or you’re working with a manual approach. Either way, we’ll tell you the same thing we tell everyone—it’s all about the process. Here are five simple steps you can take to improve your RFP response process, so you can win more deals together.

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request for proposal organize

5 Ways to Organize Your Request for Proposal for the Win

The hardest part of writing any type of content is finding a way to get the reader to believe the promises made at the start, and move beyond them to the next sentences until they feel compelled to take action. That’s any kind of content, including a response to a request for proposal.

Even an RFP response has a story to tell. The key to successful proposals—and to winning more opportunities with them—is to go into the writing process with a plan.

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increase rfp win rate

6 Smart Moves That Will Increase Your RFP Win Rate

No longer is it just sales who is responsible for generating revenue. Companies are breaking down silos and combining efforts to drive positive results. Thanks to an increased focus on sales processes and team alignment, teams have greater chances of meeting their revenue goals. Winning RFPs is the key to unlocking new business and an ad hoc process won’t cut it.

The classic challenge with RFP response is a high effort with a low rate. So, here are several smart moves that will help your team increase their RFP win rate to make the pursuit worthwhile.

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That’s a wrap…2017!

Thank you to all clients, partners, and guests who contributed their proposal management expertise on the RFPIO blog this year. And, thank you to our amazing audience for sharing an exciting year with us.


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