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Chrome Lookup + RFPIO

Import online questionnaires, gain insights, and recall information stored in your content library. All from Google Chrome.

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Your entire response library, right at your fingertips

Import online questionnaires, gain insights, and find information about your company, product, and services, right from your Chrome browser.

With the RFPIO Lookup Chrome Browser Extension, you can:

  • Find any information stored in the RFPIO Answer Library with a keyword search.
  • Import online questionnaires into RFPIO as a new project and export back into the online form for submission.
  • Auto-fill online forms, without importing into RFPIO.
  • Identify trends in demand and discrepancies in user knowledge by understanding which pieces of content are most frequently recalled.
  • Configure Lookup to automatically scan specific CSS sectors on frequently visited webpages. When you visit that page, Lookup will automatically know what you’re looking for.
  • Rest assured your data is safe; Lookup doesn’t store or process any customer data used for content recommendations.

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“RFPIO’s Salesforce integration is helping our business be more efficient and organized with RFPs and RFIs. We can easily view insights and progress with every RFP, right from Salesforce.”

-Alison Moeller, Team Lead, RFP & Sales Enablement Accolade

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