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Google Hangouts + RFPIO

Deliver messages, comments, task reminders, and notifications to team members between RFPIO and Google Hangouts.

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The easy way to collaborate on proposals

When everyone is collaborating in the same space, your team can work more efficiently and more effectively. Integrate Google Hangouts with RFPIO to keep your projects on track and teams aligned.

With the Google Hangouts-RFPIO integration, you can: 

  • Deliver messages, comments, task reminders, and notifications to team members.
  • Message collaborators in a private chat or group chat window when you @-mention specific users or projects in RFPIO.
  • View and respond to questions without logging into RFPIO.
  • Use @-commands in Hangouts to keyword search RFPIO for question-answer pairs, and preview top search results in your Google Chat window.

Learn more and get support

  • Contact Sales for a customized demo.
  • Learn more about how to set up Hangouts in our Help Center (only available for current RFPIO customers).

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RFPIO's Salesforce integration is helping our business be more efficient and organized with RFPs and RFIs. We can easily view insights and progress with every RFP, right from Salesforce.

Alison Moeller, Team Lead, RFP & Sales Enablement Accolade

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