HubSpot + RFPIO

Launch new projects, track progress, and capture and evaluate bid opportunities, all from the comfort of Hubspot.

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Drive seamless collaboration between sales and proposal teams

Like people, technology platforms work best when they work together. Consolidate revenue and sales operations by linking HubSpot to RFPIO, keeping your teams aligned and projects on track.

With the HubSpot-RFPIO integration, you can:

  • Launch RFPIO projects (i.e. RFPs, RFIs, Security Questionnaires) directly from any Hubspot Deal page, leveraging existing content from account and opportunity objects.
  • Track project status directly from any Hubspot Deal page at the project, section, or owner level with built-in executive dashboards and summaries.
  • Send automated notifications and task assignments to project owners and SMEs.
  • Customize project-request forms to contain all the information you need to properly evaluate bid opportunities.

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RFPIO's Salesforce integration is helping our business be more efficient and organized with RFPs and RFIs. We can easily view insights and progress with every RFP, right from Salesforce.

Alison Moeller, Team Lead, RFP & Sales Enablement Accolade

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