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Machine Learning Engineer


RFPIO is looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to help us solve real world problems with the latest machine learning technology.


  • Quickly build proof of concepts utilizing AI techniques
  • Design text analysis algorithms to solve novel problems
  • Improve our existing machine algorithms to keep up to date with recent advances
  • Design algorithms to build custom machine learning algorithms with small amounts of labeled training data
  • Collect and optimize training data
  • Help evaluate technical efficacy of new machine learning tasks and determine what problems are appropriate fit for machine learning solution
  • Stay current with relevant tools and best practices in the fields of AI and machine learning
  • Document and implement best practices


  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • 3+ years professional experience
  • Self-directed and active learner
  • Experience applying data science / machine learning in a practical setting
  • Ability to read recent AI related research papers and apply those concepts in code.
  • Experience in AI or machine learning related frameworks (TensorFlow, Torch)
  • Eagerness to grow as a data scientist and engineer

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise with large scale data aggregation
  • Competent translating academic jargon into concrete software implementation
  • Previous expertise working on data science problems for a SaaS product

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: →