Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is responsible for leading a skilled and dynamic software team into and through the Agile Scrum environment. A successful Scrum Master will teach, promote, and support agile practices within the organization. The Scrum Master will also work with one or more individual development Scrum teams to ensure their workflow is optimized and that teams are empowered to effect changes that enable them to achieve excellence.

Essential Functions:

  • Guide and coach the Product Owner and development team members to the best and most appropriate Agile practices
  • Help facilitate the agile rituals (standup, grooming, planning, demo)
  • Guide the team on self-organization and help identify gaps that may block their success
  • Facilitate discussion, decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Help our Product Owner identify minimally viable product candidates, organize the agile releases, groom the backlog and maintain the product backlog priorities
  • Help the team be accountable to our sprint commitments and ensure successful delivery
  • Help the team enable decisions made in retrospectives and planning meetings
  • Remove impediments or guide the team to remove their own impediments by finding the right people or resources needed to remove the impediment
  • Improve transparency about releases, the agile process, and work in progress
  • Assess the team’s agile maturity and coach them to achieve higher maturity levels at a sustainable pace
  • Work closely with managers and leadership to identify organizational level impediments, share lessons learned, and define effective strategies to overcome impediments

Other Duties:

  • Create a community of practices, helping grow internal knowledge and create a self-organizing learning culture around agile best practices
  • Create and deliver internal educational programs and trainings that meet the needs of the teams
  • Advise teams on tools and relevant metrics that provide insights about overall team health and how they are doing
  • Build our team’s competence in estimating work, work decomposition, and committing work for delivery


  • At least 3+ years of experience as Scrum Master


  • B.E in Computer Science, IT, or a similar field
  • Scrum Certification is optional


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to lead a team successfully, including taking accountability and enabling decisions to be made
  • Strong problem-solving skills.


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