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Type a question into the search bar, and Lookup will return the answer in an instant. Lookup is your go-to place to find the most accurate and up-to-date information about your organization—be it product specs or security certifications.

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We don’t believe in restricting knowledge. That’s why RFPIO has no limits on user licenses—all the knowledge you collect in RFPIO is yours to share across the organization, at no additional cost.

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Find answers from where you’re already working. Lookup works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook—and can even be configured to your specific needs.

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Time is valuable. There’s no reason to spend it hunting down information. When the answers to all your questions are only a few clicks away, you have more time to spend on things that matter to you.

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See how your team can find success with Lookup.



Quickly complete simple questionnaires

Easily look up one-off answers to client questions, complete simple questionnaires, and enable other teams with your knowledge.


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Spend less time looking for answers, and more time building relationships, talking to prospects one-on-one, and improving your skills.


Don’t break the writing flow

Find company information without navigating away from your word processor—and rest assured each piece of content you publish is accurate and up-to-date.


Close tickets faster

Improve customer experience by instantly finding answers to customer questions the moment a ticket comes in.

We market RFPIO as our internal content Google. If anyone that’s client-facing has a question about a specific product, the RFPIO Answer Library is the first place they go.

Hope Henderson
Marketing Coordinator - Alera Group

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