RFPIO adds artificial intelligence to their RFP software

RFPIO, a leading provider of cloud-based RFP (Request for Proposal) response software, announces their leadership in the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in their platform. The functionality helps users make data-driven decisions based on their previous usage.

RFPIO is the first to use AI in RFP response software. Leveraging AI and machine learning gives clients a competitive advantage by improving accuracy, saving time and creating better responses to RFPs—to ultimately increase RFP win rates.

An RFP is an organization’s opportunity to convey how it’s uniquely positioned to serve a prospect’s requirements. As products and services evolve, having access to the most recent information is critical.

“Our strategy is to make the RFP process more efficient by using machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics,” said AJ Sunder, CIO for RFPIO. “Features like auto-suggestions and auto-response are part of this larger strategy.”

Machine learning provides insights based on historical data, which minimizes human intervention. This new feature in RFPIO enables users to train the software to offer suggestions on content categorization and potential collaborators.

“RFPIO’s new AI update is a testament to the level of innovation in their software. This feature has encouraged us to tag content more diligently because it ends up saving us even more time than we already were. It continues to make us more efficient and competitive,” said Anthony Rossi, Sales Operations Specialist at MasterControl.

“In our organization, we are able to track how much it costs us per hour to respond to an RFP,” Rossi said. “Since we started using RFPIO, we’ve been able to improve that cost so significantly that we estimate our return on investment is close to 2,000 percent.”

RFPIO is leveraging technology that people see in their inboxes or video-on-demand queues, to provide a better experience for business professionals who respond to RFPs.

“The advances that AI brings are making a huge difference for organizations—providing a significant competitive advantage in optimizing the RFP process, and increasing efficiency and accuracy for our customers to realize better outcomes,” said Sunder.

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