RFPIO’s integrated philanthropy and product updates at Dreamforce

SAN FRANCISCO, September 24, 2018 – RFPIO, a leader in cloud-based RFP response software, today announced renewed commitment for Pledge 1%, a global movement spearheaded by Salesforce, among other companies, that invites entrepreneurs and their companies to commit important resources (product, time, equity or profit) to support integrating philanthropy into their business from an early stage. The support for Pledge 1% is part of RFPIO’s ongoing “ROI of Compassion” program.

“We are incredibly excited that RFPIO has taken the pledge,” said Amy Lesnick, chief executive of Pledge 1%. “RFPIO can play a pivotal role in building this movement and promoting a new normal in which all companies—big and small—integrate giving back as a core value in their business.”

RFPIO also announced that it has released the RFPIO Lookup extension for Google Chrome. RFPIO Lookup enables users to access contextually relevant content from a central repository called the Content Library. Users do not need to log in or navigate to another site or application.

With company knowledge at their fingertips, users can copy proactive recommendations and perform searches of curated company content to be applied to time-saving use cases. The extension simplifies common tasks, including: responding to commonly asked questions in email, fulfilling online questionnaires in third party sites, checking on opportunity progress and other details in Salesforce, and finding company-approved graphics to be used in presentations.

“Automating and optimizing RFP processes can drive major gains in productivity not just in sales and marketing, but across the entire organization.” said Ganesh Shankar, co-founder and chief executive officer of RFPIO. “RFPIO’s new Chrome Extension can help companies transform their RFP processes, so they can spend time focusing on their business goals, rather than writing up RFPs.”

RFPIO will showcase the new extension, along with the full RFPIO solution, at Dreamforce, the most innovative software conference of the year, taking place September 25-28 in San Francisco. Attendees can learn how the RFP process can be streamlined and integrated directly into Salesforce to help sales and marketing professionals save time and increase productivity.

RFPIO optimizes the proposal response process through collaboration, centralized content management, technology integrations and reporting.

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