Welcome to RFPIO’s New Portland Headquarters

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The start of 2017 has been an exciting one for the RFPIO team. Since we launched our RFP software last year, we have received incredible support from our clients and partners—who connected with our mission to make the world a better place, one RFP response at a time.

Along with the tireless energy of the entire RFPIO team—in Portland and Coimbatore—the generosity from our community has propelled us into the industry. Our growth wouldn’t be possible without our company’s champions and we are grateful as we move on up. Today we are thrilled to share this announcement and welcome you all into our new office!

Any startup knows that being the newbie in the market means starting small before taking the necessary operational steps to support that growth. As the Portland RFPIO sales and marketing team has doubled since last year, we outgrew our first space and it was due time for an office upgrade.

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We had some amazing times in the old space, which we lovingly called “the closet.” But it was time for an environment that complemented our rapid growth. Now we are looking forward to being able to achieve more, provide even better service to our clients—and of course, have a great time doing it.

We gathered the Portland team together and asked them one question: What do you love most about the new office? So, kick back with us and check out the sweet RFPIO pad!

Chris – Account Executive

Fun stuff: Standing desks, because they allow me to have more energy throughout the day. I’m a little too tall for this standup desk, but it’s still cool.

Work stuff: We’re now equipped with more conference rooms, so we can do more calls at the same time. As we’ve grown our customer base and our team, the calls have increased and we were doing our best with a limited space. The bigger office is just better for business overall.

Konnor – Senior Account Executive

Fun stuff: We get to make it our own and decorate.

Work stuff: It’s nice to have meeting rooms we can step into, impromptu or planned. Having that dedicated space creates a focused environment for collaboration. We collaborate plenty already in the main space—but when we go into a meeting room, we can be more intentional with our time.

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RFPIO Senior Account Executive

Mitch – Senior Account Executive

Fun stuff: Food and drink station.

Work stuff: The variety of environments create different mentalities. We have an open space where we talk about deals on the whiteboard and meet up at each other’s desks. And, we can head into a meeting room when we need to focus on a demo. The new office is great, because each place sets a tone for the work you want to accomplish.

Ganesh – CEO

Fun stuff: Big windows and open space.

Work stuff: I’m glad to have a dedicated space for each department, so everyone can have more focus within their teams. The setup also allows for easier collaboration cross-departmentally, and it’s great to see marketing and sales brainstorming more already.

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Andrew – Customer Success Manager

Fun stuff: Our “cafeteria” and all the food and drink options.

Work stuff: I like the ability to reserve conference rooms and have an optimized environment to facilitate onboarding calls. It’s great to be able to give my full attention to our clients in a quiet space. Since the move, I feel like I’ve really been able to step up my game with our onboarding sessions.

Britt – Communications Manager

Fun stuff: SO many windows! Love seeing the beautiful Portland trees while I’m writing.

Work stuff: Being able to change locations whenever I need to switch focus on tasks. And being able to collaborate easier with the guys. Whenever I need sales input for our content, I can shout out a question or topic and everyone jumps in. This move is only going to make our marketing efforts stronger, for sure!

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We hope you enjoyed touring the new space with the RFPIO team! Onward.

Local clients and friends…you’re welcome to stop by our amazing Portland headquarters any time to get caffeinated with us and chat all things RFPs! Our door is always open…

1920 NW AmberGlen Parkway
Suite #155
Beaverton OR 97006

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