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RFPIO Helped Me Protect the Time of Our Engineers and Executives

Lauren Minter

Reviewer: Lauren Minter
Rating: 5 / 5

Overall: Prior to using RFPio we used Google Drive for collaboration. When working on an RFP/RFI or VSQ I would have to open all recently completed projects in separate tabs and to find answers to questions in new projects I would have to hit Ctrl +F to search for most relevant answers. It was extremely time consuming and tedious as many times I could not find and latest answer I knew I was looking for. To review my RFPs/VSQs before returning I would need to pull in software architects and product executives who often times would need to make minor but many edits. With RFPio I can search for answers in one central location and know for certain it is the most current information. I can easily assign other authors who can take advantage of the answer library. Our estimation of the time spent on RFPs/VSQs as an organization is about 25-30% compared to the Google Drive approach. It has greatly helped me protect the time of our engineers and executives.

Pros: It required one demonstration to become proficient enough to use it on my own. Every time I have needed help, Ganesh, the CEO has called me back immediately. If I need a feature that would be beneficial to all users, it only takes a matter of days to roll new functionality out.

Cons: I have not run into any problems. Although it is a newer product, they seem to be very prepared for many scenarios of projects.


Improve RFP Response Collaboration.