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" RFPIO’s autofill feature has really helped me on repeat content — which means I can complete entire RFPs in an hour instead of four days. "

Joan Dolence, Proposal Architect

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Work across 17 languages

Rather than relying on pre-sales reps to translate your content into their local languages, RFPIO's built-in translation tools speed up the process and minimize room for error. RFPIO's answer library supports 17 languages - and counting.

Add unlimited users

Unlike other proposal management software, RFPIO lets you add as many users as you'd like at no extra cost. While in-app collaboration tools make it easy to work with large teams to manage proposals.

Keep your data safe

We are SOC2 compliant, with an information security program that considers every aspect of how we collect, access, process, and store customer data. Our servers are hosted with Amazon AWS, housed in their highly secure US- and EU-based data centers.

Store all your answers in one place

The answer library lets you keep all past proposal question/answer pairs in a centralized repository. Not only that, RFPIO uses an AI-enabled recommendation engine to pull the most relevant answer out of your library, ensuring the most accurate content is at your fingertips.

Import & export bids with ease

Quickly import Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDFs using RFPIO’s patented import process. After you’ve finished, you can export tenders into the original format or into a custom, branded template — giving your brand an extra opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Gain valuable insight into your proposal process

Trend analytics offer responders a detailed win/loss analysis, creating visibility into which deals you’re winning. On top of that, built-in business intelligence gives proposal managers the power to optimize resources and better estimate time needed.

" Before RFPIO, it took us around three weeks to turn around a long security questionnaire. Now, it takes less than a week. "

Lihod Rachmilevitch,
VP of PreSales and Customer Support - OwnBackup

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About us

Founded by a trio of former RFP responders in 2015, RFPIO is designed to streamline the RFP response process by enhancing collaboration, consolidating content, and using an AI-enabled recommendation engine to match questions with relevant answers. With a single-minded focus on efficiency, we're on a mission to give time back to our customers - giving them the freedom to spend their time on what matters most. We operate in 100 countries and serve over 50,000 users around the world.