On average, a request for proposal (RFP) arrives after about 60% of the sales cycle has already taken place. The winning proposal will include customization that addresses all sales and presales discovery, research, and insight gathered up to that point. The boilerplate response that ignores the first 60% of the sales cycle is unlikely to move the needle and could cost you the deal.

The most efficient way to customize proposals based on intel from sales is to make sure your RFP process and sales cycle are in lockstep. In this webinar, Kelly Barnard, Response Management Strategist at RFPIO, discusses these 3 keys to aligning RFP process and sales cycle:

On average, an RFP is issued about 60% of the way into a sale. If you’re waiting until the RFP is issued to sync with sales, then you have an RFP-sized bottleneck in the sales process that could cost you the deal.

  • Interview cross-section of sales roles.
  • Open up the “black box” of RFPs by enabling real-time collaboration between proposal builders, sales stakeholders, and SME contributors.
  • Identify quick wins to gain confidence from sales.
  • See why a feedback loop is so important for long-term success.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A checklist of who to talk to, what you need to ask them, and how to convince them that alignment is a priority (i.e., win more deals, reduce RFP turnaround time, and build trust with the sales team).
  • Expert insight into what to look for, how to interpret it, and how to find quick, easy fixes that will win over your sales team.
  • Tips on how to use RFP software like RFPIO to develop your RFP process and mold it to intersect with vital touchpoints in the sales lifecycle.

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An RFP is only one milestone in the overall sales cycle. But it is a big one. The best way to make sure an RFP response hits the mark is to have your RFP process aligned to your sales cycle. Get tips on how to do it and discover other benefits that will result (e.g., stronger responses to all

The value of proposal managers is undeniable: Organizations with dedicated proposal managers submitted 3.5x more responses to RFPs than those without. Kelly Barnard, RFPIO Response Management Strategist, reveals how proposal managers can prove that value—and use their unique skill set to drive sales productivity.