How RFPIO is staying connected to our community

RFPIO was founded to help, liberate, and empower our users. Our founders believed that a better way existed for RFP response. They knew manual spreadsheet tracking and antiquated software wasn’t keeping up with the modern needs of proposal and sales teams. 

From that deep desire to improve the lives of users, Ganesh, Sunder, and Sankar also understood the value of community.  From RFPIO’s beginnings, the team has actively sought ways to strengthen the communities we share space with—physically and virtually. Over the years, these communities have welcomed us, and every day we are grateful for them.

Our community has been going through some dramatic changes. As needs are arising we’re taking steps to offer support and encouragement. From free collaboration support for our customers to free training and support, our team has mobilized to offer our community the best we have to the community that has supported us.

The Oregon Community Recovery Fund shares our commitment to communities. We are proud to partner with this organization to lend a helping hand to those who could really use one. Together, RFPIO employees and customers raised $2,798 for the fund. Money raised went to support nonprofits working to fulfill a variety of needs including:

  • Basic needs: Keep people housed, fed, healthy, and safe
  • Jobs and economy: Create jobs and connect people to opportunities to foster economic recovery and vitality 
  • Childcare: Provide child care needs for children of all ages, including care for children of essential workers
  • Social and emotional needs: Support for social and emotional issues exacerbated by the crisis including mental health, child abuse, domestic violence, and substance abuse. 
  • School closure: Address lost learning opportunities including distance learning, instructional supports, and more. And provide ancillary services to augment school efforts for physical and mental health and nutrition.

Madeleine Work

As Content Marketing Manager at RFPIO, Madeleine Work is passionate about telling stories of digital transformation. Before diving headfirst into the world of response management, Madeleine lived and worked in Taiwan, using her Mandarin fluency to drive international communication strategy at Taiwanese companies. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston University in 2015. Connect with Madeleine on LinkedIn.

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