DDQ Software Solution

Just like there’s no “one size fits all” due diligence questionnaire (DDQ), there’s also no “one size fits all” DDQ response, which is why you need RFPIO DDQ software to optimize efficiency.

Reduce response inefficiency and frustration with DDQ software

Manually responding toDDQs already takes too much time. The process of finding trustworthy, accurate content to inform DDQ answers is stressful enough. Throw in wrangling subject matter experts, formatting and other production issues, and the fact that DDQs are becoming more and more commonplace and the issue becomes mission critical. Too much risk exposure. Too inefficient.

DDQ software streamlines and automates your DDQ response processes. Tight content version control and next-gen intelligent searchability put answers at your fingertips. Machine learning automation builds a Content Library based on past successful DDQ responses. No more formatting frustration. No more questioning relevance or accuracy. No more wasted subject matter expert time.

Using DDQ software to accelerate business relationships

Complete up to 80% of a DDQ response automatically

End repetitive manual tasks, populate a first draft with data-driven recommendations from your Content Library, and streamline the review process for subject matter experts.

DDQ software integrates with your sales tech stack

RFPIO integrates with CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, and vendor assessment and sales enablement applications.

Implement DDQ software to reduce business relationship bottlenecks

Whether you’re starting a new business relationship or maintaining a successful one, DDQ software automation, template-building, and in-app collaboration capabilities modernize your processes.

Start with lightning intake of almost any document type

Eliminate formatting headaches and delays by importing DDQs as Word, Excel, PDF, or other document formats onto the RFPIO platform.

Customize responses with DDQ software to ensure accuracy

Enhance your answers with tables, images, and rich text—and export your DDQs into the source file or your own branded template—to foster trust in your business relationships.

AI-enabled search learns as your Content Library grows

Find answers to tough questions with an AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours through your company’s content in seconds. With RFPIO® LookUp, you can even access your RFPIO Content Library from web-based questionnaires.

How does DDQ software work?

Organizations that use DDQ software  enable more cohesive teams and respond faster  than their counterparts. However, organizations also rely on RFPIO DDQ software for so many other reasons.

Bring your team together with DDQ software

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