Cure RFI headaches

Don’t let RFIs slow down your sales process. With RFI software automation, you will respond faster, with greater accuracy, and increase your odds of taking the next step toward winning the deal.

RFI software accelerates the sales process

More often than not, procurement teams use requests for information (RFIs) to weed out solutions they don’t believe are viable RFP candidates. Responders that take too casual an approach to RFIs risk missing an opportunity to elevate their brand, further ingrain their solution as the best possible choice, or proceed to the next step of the sales process.

RFI software  allows responders to work in their own easily customizable templates to turn around RFI responses efficiently and painlessly. It streamlines and automates many of your existing RFI response processes, while ensuring you use only the best content you have available to submit a high-quality RFI response. With RFI software, your team optimizes how multiple contributors and stakeholders work simultaneously to stitch together custom and boilerplate content.

Elevate your brand early in the sales process with RFPIO RFI software

Gain exposure to new revenue opportunities

Set yourself up for a winning RFP response — and ultimately a closed sale — by exceeding expectations with your RFI response.

RFI software integrates with your sales tech stack

RFPIO integrates with CRMs, cloud storage solutions, Microsoft Office, and vendor assessment and sales enablement applications.

Build a game-changing RFI Content Library

Store, audit, and search response-ready content in your RFPIO Content Library, built for intuitive search, intelligent in-app collaboration, and easy access to Q&A pairs and documents.

Mold stronger processes around RFI software

Automate to work smarter. Streamline formatting and branding at intake. Build a first draft quickly using Auto-Respond. Assign simultaneous reviews to multiple stakeholders to eliminate bottlenecks.

Start with lightning intake of almost any document type

Eliminate formatting headaches and delays by importing RFIs as Word, Excel, PDF, or other document formats onto the RFPIO platform.

Watch AI-enabled search learn as your Content Library grows

Populate RFI templates with your most relevant content using an AI-enabled recommendation engine that scours through your company’s content in seconds. With RFPIO® LookUp, you can even access your RFPIO Content Library from web-based questionnaires.

What does RFI software improve?

Organizations use RFI software to respond to requests for information in a fraction of the time that it takes them to respond using manual methods. RFPIO customers use their RFI software for so much more.

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