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Built By a Positive Team That Gets RFP Response

We were RFP responders just like you. Oftentimes, we’d spend 40 hours on an RFP, then work after office hours to make the deadline. So, we sought out to overcome the inefficiencies we regularly faced. The result was a new way of managing the process—RFPIO.

RFPIO’s Leadership Team

Ganesh Shankar - RFPIO CEO

Ganesh Shankar

Chief Executive Officer

AJ Sunder - RFPIO Chief Information Officer

AJ Sunder

Chief Information Officer

Sankar Lagudu - RFPIO Chief Operation Officer

Sankar Lagudu

Chief Operating Officer

Manish Bafna - RFPIO VP of Technology

Manish Bafna

VP of Technology
Angela Earl - RFPIO Senior Director of Marketing

Angela Earl

Senior Director of Marketing
David Blume - RFPIO Senior Director of Marketing

David Blume

Senior Sales Director
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