A team driven by purpose

With diverse experience and backgrounds, RFPIO is full of people committed to democratizing knowledge and empower teams to do their best work.

Good response goes much further than RFPs

RFPIO was built to streamline the RFP process. An RFP automation solution, it organizes content and provides powerful collaboration, delivering what teams need to craft their best response, every time.

Today RFPIO enables responses of all kinds — allowing organizations to unlock their potential, and empowering employees to invest time in impactful and meaningful ways. Without losing sight of our original purpose, the software has grown into the leading response management solution, with a thriving ecosystem that delivers value to entire organizations by aggregating knowledge and making content accessible to all employees.

RFPIO Building

Meet our leadership team

RFPIO’s commitment to help teams do their best work starts at home. We believe leadership is about inspiring people to do what they never thought possible and nurturing a positive environment where everyone can thrive.

Ganesh Shankar

Chief Executive Officer

AJ Sunder

Chief Product Officer / Chief
Information Officer

Sankar Lagudu

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Londgren

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Santelices

Chief Revenue Officer

Manish Bafna

VP of Technology

Stacie Otto

Senior VP of Finance & Operations

Konnor Martin

Regional VP of Sales, US

Ariana Amplo

VP of Professional Services

Beau Wysong

VP of Global Marketing

Michael Forney

VP of Customer Success

Shipra Kamra

Head of People Operations

Our values guide our decisions

Get it done

This is one of our core tenets and plays into everything we do. Whether it’s adding a new feature, launching a marketing campaign, or responding to a support ticket—we’re all motivated to get it done.

Be agile & nimble

At RFPIO, our product and team are constantly evolving. Our simple formula is to be agile and nimble. We’re not afraid to try something new, or pivot when we see a better solution.

Give back time

Efficiency is central to the RFPIO spirit because it creates time to get back to the things that really matter. At RFPIO, everyone has time to spend on family, growth, new hobbies, and self-care.

See something, say something

We have a simple saying: you see something, you say something. At RFPIO, we celebrate the critical eye and the fresh opinion. Here, your input will matter.

Don’t mess with customers

When you join the RFPIO team, you’ll work alongside some of the world’s best brands, and will play an integral role in mapping RFPIO’s future development. Because when our customers have a suggestion, we listen.

Defining what a RFP software company can be

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