The RFPIO team brings decades of experience together from software development, information security, and Request for Proposal (RFP) management. Like our customers, we have spent countless hours working with RFPs. Unreliable communication channels, redundant and repetitive tasks, and missed sales opportunities have plagued us. So, we get it!

We’ve made it our mission to find a better way.

Our Team


Ganesh Shankar

Chief Executive Officer
RFPIO Chief Technology Officer

AJ Sunder

Chief Technology Officer
RFPIO Chief Operation Officer

Sankar Lagudu

Chief Operating Officer
RFPIO VP of Technology

Manish Bafna

VP of Technology
RFPIO Senior Director of Marketing

Angela Earl

Senior Director of Marketing
RFPIO Communications Manager

Britt Skrabanek

Communications Manager
RFPIO Senior Account Executive

Mitchell Hipp

Senior Account Executive
RFPIO Senior Account Executive

Christopher Pulley

Account Executive
RFPIO Customer Success Manager

Andrew Stone

Customer Success Manager
RFPIO Senior Account Executive

Konnor Martin

Senior Account Executive
RFPIO Digital Marketing Specialist

Maria Osornio

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Advisors

RFPIO Consultant

Bob Dunne

Principal Consultant
BFD Consulting
RFPIO Advisor

Jim Fowler

Founder and CEO
Owler Inc.
RFPIO Consultant

Raghu Raghavan

Act-On Software
RFPIO Consultant

Nitin Rai

Managing Director
Elevate Capital