Join RFPIO and SOLVE in the Go Green Campaign

The RFPIO team is on a new philanthropy mission in Q2 we decided towe’re getting green with it! In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, we’ll be getting our hands dirty for a good cause with the Go Green campaign.

At RFPIO, we work with Pledge 1% to participate in the culture of giving. In Q1 we hosted the ROI of Compassion and helped Oregon Food Bank bring over 600 meals to families in need through online donations and an office food drive.

It’s always tough to pick one cause to contribute our time to—as there are so many important causes. In the spirit of Earth Day—and the beautiful state of Oregon we are happy to live in—we decided to pledge our 1% community involvement to SOLVE.

portland forest park
SOLVE is a non-profit organization that brings together individuals, business groups, and service and conservation groups through volunteering and education to restore our natural spaces and take good care of this great state of which we are all so proud. SOLVE facilitates Oregonians of all kinds coming together to volunteer, focusing on beach and illegal dump cleanup, planting native trees, removing invasive plants, and other environmental maintenance projects. SOLVE annually creates an average of 40,000 volunteer opportunities in 170 communities all across this diverse state.

On Friday, the RFPIO team will be cleaning up Kelley Point Park in north Portland to help benefit the community—and of course…earth. We’ll be removing all trash, invasive plants, and placing mulch around a natural plant area.

Did you know invasive plant removal is critical to our environment? Our water, wildlife, and economy are threatened by invasive species. Native plants and animals are pushed out, and entire ecosystems and agricultural areas can be seriously degraded or destroyed. That’s why environmental cleanups are so important and we’re excited to help SOLVE make a difference.

pledge one

Want to contribute to RFPIO’s Go Green campaign?

We’d love for you to join us at the Kelley Point Park Cleanup, but we understand that isn’t possible for all of our wonderful clients, partners, and friends. But you can still help us keep the earth beautiful!

Donate online right here to help SOLVE make a bigger impact to save our planet. On behalf of Mother Nature, we thank you for your support…may the forest be with you!


As the Co-Founder and Content Strategist at Superneat Marketing, Britt strives to inspire RFP responders with content and resources that support their cause.

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