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12 of the Best RFP Resources We’ve Seen This Year

12 of the Best RFP Resources We’ve Seen This Year
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Finding a fantastic RFP response resource is a bit like stumbling upon a spotted unicorn. At first you can’t believe your eyes, but eventually you realize that unicorn is real and you surrender to its spotted magnificence.

There are countless how-to articles circling the internet, yet RFP responders are often left out when it comes to valuable content. It’s a shame, considering how demanding our line of work truly is. If anyone needs a helping hand, it’s the fine people managing the proposal process.

At RFPIO, we love being that spotted unicorn resource to help you and your team be more successful. We equally love discovering and sharing those rare resources that serve our audience of dedicated proposal professionals responding to RFPs.

We share RFP response resources aplenty on our social media channels. Additionally, we posted a couple of resource roundup blogs that were well loved by responders thirsty for tips and tricks in their field.

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Today we’re doing a special feature to cover our 2017 favorites. Some of these organizations have been featured previously—this time, we’re bringing fresh content we thought was exceptionally useful. Others are new to our featured RFP resources, and we’re excited to highlight them.

Without further ado, here are 12 of the best RFP resources we’ve found on the internet. Check them out to elevate your RFP response process in the new year.

12 of the Best RFP Resources for Response Teams


12 Sales Kickoff Meeting Strategies and Best Practices for Bringing Your Team Together
By Closeio
RFP Takeaway: Running an effective sales kickoff meeting will inspire your team to succeed.

“To sell effectively, your sales reps need to know your products through and through. With the amount of communication that happens in the workplace, it’s easy for sales reps to miss some of this key information, which is why bringing everyone together for a dedicated education session like this is so important.”


5 Tips for Writing a Successful Software RFP
By Software Advice
RFP Takeaway: To bring the wow factor to your next RFP response, sometimes you have to think like an issuer.

“Be wary of any vendor that responds in two weeks or less. This could be a sign the vendor didn’t perform a “healthy analysis,” and rushed the proposal out with promises they can’t necessarily deliver just to be competitive.”


Are You Paying Attention to Readability? Content is No Longer King
By Visible Thread
RFP Takeaway: Skip techy jargon and use plain language to engage the prospect reading your RFP responses.

“If your content is not engaging, you’ll lose your customers in the noise. If you don’t ensure that your content is readable, you won’t inspire your audience to take action.”


The 2017 APMP U.S. Compensation Report
RFP Takeaway: Compelling data to know from over a thousand professionals in the proposal management industry.

“Nearly one-third of respondents indicated they have 2 to 5 people in their proposal/capture organization. The 6 to 10 People category had the second largest number of responses, representing 22% of participants. Less than 10% of respondents indicated they were the sole person in the proposal/capture organization.”

Missed our podcast with APMP? Catch up on latest trends in the proposal management industry. Listen to the podcast >>

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The Chef Ramsays of Proposal Consulting: Seasoned Expert vs. Annoying Know-It-All
By AOC Key Solutions
RFP Takeaway: Better collaboration during the RFP process involves openness and a sense of humor.

“Be humble and empathetic. So much of our success depends on how well we meld as a proposal team. Some proposal shops can start to look like Hell’s Kitchen in the last weeks of a proposal deadline, so teamwork is essential for maintaining cool heads, coordinating well, and getting the proposal out.”


eBook: Sales Enablement Best Practices Guide
By Heinz Marketing
RFP Takeaway: Save time, strengthen working relationships, and increase sales with this intelligent approach to sales enablement.

“Read and learn. The better you understand industry issues, trends, developments and more, the better you’ll be able to sound like an educated insider, someone who understands the prospect’s environment, situation and needs.”


15 Ways to Review a Proposal Like Someone Who is Trying to Win
By PropLibrary
RFP Takeaway: Just reading responses won’t win the deal, but a quality review process will.

“If the only pricing review you do is at the tail end, you won’t create the most competitive proposal you are capable of. There are trade-offs and decisions related to pricing that need to be considered and reviewed early, just like there are for your offering.”


eBook: 5 Steps to Understanding Your B2B Buyer
By Primary Intelligence
RFP Takeaway: Impress buyers with the knowledge and empathy it takes to close a sale.

“Understanding your buyers’ needs and why those needs are important to them is vital in winning sales opportunities. Without this knowledge, you will have a difficult time presenting the value and benefit of your product or solution.”

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9 Elements of a Winning Sales Proposal
By StrongContent
RFP Takeaway: Advancing sales means seeing every sales proposal as an opportunity to grow.

“A winning proposal will overwhelmingly serve the customer. Your proposal’s message and benefits should be oriented to the audience, company, and industry it addresses.”


5 Lessons on Writing Sales Proposals Gleaned From the Competition for Amazon’s New Headquarters
By Entrepreneur
RFP Takeaway: No matter what you sell, you can learn from this pitching process to write better sales proposals.

“Look for ways to make your sales proposals stand out—by all means, follow the rules of the RFP, but find a way to let your organization’s unique personality shine through.”


Tips and Considerations in Responding to RFPs
By Strategic Communications
RFP Takeaway: Navigate the RFP jungle by sticking to best practices that work.

“It can be tempting to jump at any potential major sale; however, RFPs take a lot of time and organization to complete. They can be very demanding on the key staff you will rely on to supply responses. If you don’t think you have a good shot at ultimately being selected, our advice would be to not waste resources on an unlikely long shot.”


eBook: The Writer’s Guide to Winning Requests for Proposals
By Mimeo
RFP Takeaway: Winning proposal teams use strategy to create the strongest RFP responses.

“If you understand what the client requires, develop a strategy that answers those requirements fully without adding unnecessary content. Winning content always has a strategy.”

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Have a favorite RFP resource from 2017? Let us know and we’ll share it on our social media channels!


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