Practicing what we preach at Dreamforce 2018

It goes by so fast! After all the planning and decisions and hard work, Dreamforce is but a memory in our rearview mirror yet again. Salesforce’s user conference is larger than life and there is a ton of stuff to absorb, but after a week, it feels good to be home.

Our campaign this year was focused on something we’ve discovered as RFPIO has grown. We already knew that people who respond to RFPs are incredibly busy. Many have other, primary roles, and these proposal projects—while incredibly important for companies—take up a lot of time and energy. Our response automation software is there to make the process more efficient for these folks and their responses more effective.

RFPIO Fun Survey

What we didn’t know was how RFPIO was making people feel. Overwhelmingly, our customers have told us that saving time on RFP and security questionnaire responses has given them time to spend with their families or do things they didn’t normally get a chance to do. They are grateful for RFPIO, not entirely because it makes them more efficient at their jobs—it does—but for what they can do with the time they are getting back.

And that’s where #WinMorePlayMore came in. We encourage our customers to use their newfound time in ways that enrich their lives, and our time at Dreamforce was spent doing the same.

Dreamforce Mariachi_RFPIO

Mariachi band at Dreamforce

Work/Life Balance

Our customers have told us in many ways that we’ve given them time back to have fun. Hear it from them:

“I’m truly enjoying the fact that I’m not working late every night. This week I finished a huge RFP response 3 days early, giving me time for my husband and I to take our paddle boards out!” – Mona Sampson, RFP Specialist, Writer, and Coordinator at LinkedIn

“RFPIO has saved me countless hours on RFP responses. My kids and I took time to go parasailing in the Gulf. No time is better than time spent with your family!” – Alexei Budsan, Communication Specialist at Routematch

“I have really enjoyed having more time to spend with my kids. We’ve been able to go on several bike rides together. Thanks, RFPIO.” – Mitch Rogers, Engineer, Casualty Solutions at Mitchell International

Giants game Dreamforce RFPIO

Giants vs. Padres

#WinMorePlayMore at Dreamforce

We try to take our own advice, too. The leadership team at RFPIO always stresses the importance of work/life balance and spending our off-time doing meaningful things. We participate in quarterly philanthropy and never miss out on a chance to do something fun as a team.

So we put that same #WinMorePlayMore ethos into effect in San Francisco. We hosted a party with the WalkMe team at the Terra Gallery, caught a bit of a Mariachi band, snagged some tickets to a Giants vs. Padres game (mostly for the garlic fries), and shared a delicious Pakistani/Indian meal at a restaurant called Lahore Karahi. It was an awesome event to be a part of, but the time we spent together was what we’ll remember most.

You know what they say, “All work and no play” makes life dull, right?

Maria Osornio

As RFPIO’s Sales Operations Specialist, Maria Osornio builds awareness to educate proposal professionals about the value of a streamlined RFP response process—along with best practices that will ensure long-term success. Both a data-driven marketing professional and highly skilled Salesforce user, Maria brings a wealth of experience in planning, implementing, and monitoring online marketing campaigns in multiple SEM platforms to help growing businesses. Connect with Maria on LinkedIn.

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